Bankruptcy And Divorce In Northwest Ohio

Are You Facing Both Bankruptcy And Divorce?

The unfortunate truth is that bankruptcy and divorce are often related. Financial conflict and debt-related stress are some of the most common reasons for spouses to split. Arguments about money — or one spouse’s spending habits — can undermine the marriage.

On the flip side, divorcing individuals without legal counsel may be tempted to spend far too much money on unneeded litigation. An unwise property division agreement may also saddle one spouse with expenses that he or she simply can’t afford on one income.

If you find yourself in such a situation in Henry, Williams, or Defiance county, turn to Kristen A. Stanton, Attorney at Law. From our office in Defiance, our lawyer provides skillful representation throughout the surrounding areas of Ohio including Napoleon, and Paulding. Kristen A. Stanton handles both bankruptcy and divorce, providing comprehensive solutions that meet your needs.

Get Clear Answers To Your Legal Questions

Among other things, you may be wondering:

  • “Should I file for bankruptcy first or divorce first? Will the order of filing affect the results?”
  • “Am I still partly responsible for my spouse’s debts if I am divorcing him/her?”
  • “Do I need my ex-spouse’s permission to file bankruptcy?”
  • “Do I still have to pay child support or alimony if I can’t afford it?”
  • “Can I erase my divorce-related legal fees by filing bankruptcy?”

Our lawyer will work with you one-on-one to answer your questions and resolve your concerns. You can count on receiving knowledgeable advice that addresses even the most complex legal problems.

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