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The Solution You Need Is Closer Than You Think

Entering into a legal battle, whether it relates to your family life or your financial life, can feel like an endless journey. Pursuing the right legal actions can provide more relief than you realize, and, in cases of bankruptcy or divorce/dissolution proceedings, it is not as challenging as one might think.

Kristen A Stanton

Kristen A. Stanton, is a Defiance bankruptcy attorney who leads our firm in providing legal solutions to individuals and families throughout Northwest Ohio — solutions that bring clarity to otherwise confusing and intimidating bankruptcy and divorce issues. Even the most cautious individuals can end up in a legal battle, and we make sure to give each of our clients the personal attention and skillful guidance he or she needs to come out on top.

Our fees are affordable and competitive, and we are available for after-hours appointments when necessary for our clients' convenience. We can be reached online or by telephone toll free at 888-512-6925 for more information.

Debt Relief Solutions From An Experienced Napoleon Lawyer

The struggle to pay your credit card debt, medical debt or other liabilities is only made more challenging when creditors take action against you. If you are facing creditor harassment, wage garnishments, foreclosure threats, or lawsuits and liens against you, bankruptcy is likely the right option for your needs.

Through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we work to have debts discharged or reorganized into manageable payment plans that help our clients get back on their feet. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to lose everything when you file bankruptcy. It is truly a leg up out of the financial hole you are in.

Guidance Through Challenging Family Law Issues

A divorce or dissolution of marriage can leave you with many unanswered questions. "Who will get the family home?" "Where will my children live?" "How can I make sure my family ends up in the best financial situation possible?"

Despite the contentious nature of going through a divorce, not all resolutions need to happen in a courtroom. Kristen A. Stanton is a trained mediator and parenting coordinator as well as an experienced divorce attorney who can help you retain decision-making in the issues that matter most to you. Make sure to work with someone who will listen to your family's needs and address them effectively under the law.

Contact Kristen A. Stanton | For More Information | 888-512-6925

Whether financial issues or instability in your family has caused frustration for you and your loved ones, we, at the law firm of Kristen A. Stanton, Attorney at Law, can help. We will give you straightforward information and clear, actionable steps to help you overcome the struggles you face.

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