Bankruptcy And Divorce In Northwest Ohio

What Life Is There After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a huge hill to climb, and so many people in Henry or Williams counties spend so much time thinking about achieving bankruptcy, that they rarely think about what comes after it. It is important to know what to expect after such an event, and what your future might look like because of it. We at Kristen A. Stanton, Attorney at Law, want to help you prepare for the future, by telling you what you can expect from a bankruptcy.

Adapting To Changes After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a major experience to go through, but the first thing that you will experience is its main purpose: a clean slate. Now that you have managed your debts, you need to adapt a lifestyle that can keep you from falling back into your prebankruptcy position. Of course, there are factors that were likely outside of your control that led you to bankruptcy, but there is plenty you can do on your own that can keep you afloat. Several things we recommend would be:

  • Prioritize being debt-free
  • Develop a savings account
  • Obtain a credit card and pay it off each month
  • Avoid frivolous purchases

Taking these kinds of steps will also help you build your credit back up. While you are working on rebuilding your credit, keeping a positive attitude along the way can lead to a brand new outlook on your life.

There Is Life After Bankruptcy, And It’s A Good One

If you are considering filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, or have already filed for it, having an experienced attorney at your side can help you more than you might think. See what a dedicated and compassionate lawyer can do for you by calling our Defiance office. Call 888-512-6925 or email the firm to set up your initial consultation today.